How to use linkedin to hunt for a job

Linkedin is a useful tool for finding jobs, but only if you know how to use it. With all those buttons and links, it may seem complex, but there are three simple tips to help you find your ideal job with linkedin: 1) Complete a profile., 2) Be active., and 3) Obtain endorsements and recommendations.

Your profile may be the most important thing about you on linkedin. Fill it with all your work and volunteer experience, and include more than one position on your profile to make yourself 12 times more likely to be viewed. Also provide a custom url to let people find out more about your skills. And remember that employers are 7 times more likely to look at you if you have posted a good profile picture. Last but not least, squeeze your profile full of keywords in order to let the search engines pick you up more easily.

People also advise activity on your linkedin account. Post professional content (an amusing article about something work-related or a picture of your trip to an important business conference) once a week, and follow companies for which you might like to work. Ask quick questions to demonstrate industry knowledge and reply politely to all comments. All this assists you in interviews and work-related conversations, as well as making you 10 times more likely to be contacted.

Lastly, obtain endorsements and recommendations. Though it is good to be endorsed for social media experience, recommendations are generally preferable. Click “edit” and ask for recommendations. Help your contacts know what to say by telling them what to address: for example, the projects and goals you accomplished and some examples of key skills you used. And make sure to return the favor if you are asked; it will make people more likely to help you.

Fill your profile with quality content, post often on your account, and chase endorsements and recommendations. On linkedin, these may be the three most useful tips to getting the job you desire. Remember, though, that this site should be used to demonstrate industry knowledge, not to goof off on or to simply party with your friends as is the case with Facebook and Twitter. Look professional and knowledgeable, and employers will love you. Wisecracking is not enough. For more information on how to use linkedin, investigate any of the following links:




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