I.T Staffing Solutions

Our I.T staffing solutions helps with recruiting the most qualified technology candidates ensuring you secure one of the most important elements for success.

Skiltrek IT Solutions

Regardless of what type of business you have or what industry you are working in, Information Technology will likely play a crucial role. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a company that does not rely on programmers, networking professionals or other IT staff to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

We often hear horror stories of companies that tried to directly hire complex technology positions. After all, if you do not how to perform these services yourself how can you judge if a job seeker is the right fit for your position? Even if you or someone on your staff is qualified to interview for these position, how do you find the right talent and get them to apply for the job?

Skiltrek can help!

It is our goal to help our clients find the most qualified candidates for their technology needs. We put every candidate through testing to make certain they can do what they say – and do it right! Need a top-notch programmer? How about an unsurpassed database administrator? iPhone or Android Developer? Relax and call the professionals at Skiltrek!

We provide IT staffing services to even the most cutting-edge and difficult to recruit for industries including:

Healthcare & Medical – With the ever changing technologies associated with the healthcare and medical industry finding qualified candidates for these jobs can be difficult. Not only do you have to find people who understand complex programming languages, these same people have to understand the rules and regulations around the information they will be handling. Skiltrek’s recruiters understand these issues and have the resources to get these complex technology positions staffed with the right candidates.

Networking & Telecommunications – Many people claim to be ‘experts’ in network and/or telecommunications services. Unfortunately, very few people actually are experts in this area.We know how to tell the pro’s from the pretenders. You cannot afford for your network and/or telecommunication services to be down. We make sure you get the right people, with the right skills for these positions so that these service never get interrupted.

Network Security – On a daily basis we read about network security issues from some of the biggest companies in the world. Visa loses thousands of credit card records, LinkedIn has their members passwords and confidential information stolen, and the list goes on and on. While these massive companies can survive these issues, most companies cannot. Let Skiltrek provide you with the network security professionals you need to eliminate this issue from your organization.

Manufacturing – Ask anyone in the manufacturing industry and they will tell you that today’s manufacturing companies are a far cry from how they were just a few years ago. People are still the biggest resource, but the machinery and computer systems they use are just as important. Variable format printing, data-driven marketing, computer-controlled equipment, and almost everything else about today’s manufacturing companies is far more advanced then ever before. Skiltrek can find you the people you need to stay ahead of the curve, and the competition!

 We help our clients locate highly skilled IT professionals with experience in:
  • Data Center Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Architecture
  • Network Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Network Engineering
  • Field Installation & Support
  • Network Operations Support
  • Help Desk Analysis & Support
  • Systems Administration
  • Network & Internet Security
  • Technical Writing

Microsoft Dynamics | Salesforce | SAP | ServiceNow | Hadoop | C++ | C# | Ruby on Rails | PHP | Python | IOS | JAVA | .NET | AngularJS | Tableau | Hyperion | Oracle | SQL | Mongo | NoSql  | CCIE | CISCO | CISSP | Workday | Peoplesoft

A Reliable Name for IT Staffing Solutions

When it comes to quality IT staffing services, Skiltrek is one name that you can trust. Offering unmatched IT staffing services, Skiltrek’s dynamic team can help secure the most qualified candidates for your technology needs. Whether you need a database administrator or a programmer, we will make sure that you get qualified and experienced candidates that deliver results.