• About SAP and SAP Consultants

    SAP is the 4th largest software company in the world and is heavily involved in financials, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, etc. It stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. The company provides end solutions to enterprises. Software from this company is used by virtually every business out there. Needless to say, it’s a very […]

  • Ammonia Refrigeration

    Ammonia refrigeration has been the backbone of the cold storage industry for a long time now. Every fruit, vegetable, or meat you consume has probably been stored in an ammonia refrigeration facility before it reaches the shelves of the local store. Needless to say, this kind of refrigeration is very popular in the cold storage […]

  • 9 Common Hiring Mistakes

    Hiring Mistake #1: Going for the Easy Hire Look, hiring isn’t fun for anyone. And open positions can be a huge drain on your budget. So it makes sense that you want to make the process quick, and efficiency should absolutely be a goal! But taking the easy way out, hiring the first “good” candidate […]

  • Ensuring IT staffing best practices? Include Social Media in your Recruiting Arsenal

    Social media can change a candidate’s image! An unprotected tweet or a ‘public’ Facebook status might ruin a candidate’s chance of being hired! Today companies rely a lot on social media when recruiting. With almost every person using the social media, companies visit candidates’ social media accounts to know more about them and to judge if they […]

  • Three Stories That You Should Be Ready to Tell any Job Interviewer

    Three Stories That You Should Be Ready to Tell any Job Interviewer So you’ve broken your back filling out application after application just to get an interview that will hopefully lead to gainful employment. Now, your next step toward getting that job is to prepare for the interview process. While your resume should speak for itself, you […]

  • High Paying Jobs In Jacksonville Florida

    Finding high paying Jacksonville Florida jobs with Skiltrek Finding a high paying job can be an exceptionally difficult thing to do. This is because there is so much competition for high paying job, and most high paying jobs do not need to advertise in order to find qualified candidates. This means that a person may […]

  • How to find the right Staffing Agency

    How to Utilize a Staffing Agency  In today’s business world, things are so rapidly changing. Lots of companies depend on staffing agencies to find just the right person for particular positions they have available. A staffing agency can do the bulk of the work that needs to be done in order to put the right […]

  • How to use linkedin to hunt for a job

    Linkedin is a useful tool for finding jobs, but only if you know how to use it. With all those buttons and links, it may seem complex, but there are three simple tips to help you find your ideal job with linkedin: 1) Complete a profile., 2) Be active., and 3) Obtain endorsements and recommendations. […]

  • 6 things every job seeker should have

    Looking for a job can be a daunting task. Here is a list of tools to help make the search less stressful: Resume: Have an up-to-date resume saved on your computer and carry a couple of copies with you at all times. You never know who you may run into at the grocery store or […]

  • Preparing your social media for your job search

    Preparing your social media for your job search It might become quite difficult for a person to find that new job if they’ve failed to exercise proper online reputation management. A company will worry about the ripple effect to its reputation if an employee has a negative or inappropriate online presence. MANAGE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION […]

  • Staffing Finance & Accounting jobs in Jacksonville FL

    Staffing Finance & Accounting jobs in Jacksonville FL Staffing Finance & Accounting jobs in Jacksonville, Florida can be a cinch once you have the right tools and resources at hand. Getting in touch with the right agency, such as, can help find and place qualified individuals into their dream jobs. The following will highlight […]