• 8 Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

    Many people go into a job interview thinking they can quickly respond to the basic questions, only to find themselves fumbling for a coherent response once the heat is on. What’s far more helpful is to have an idea ahead of time of the most commonly asked interview questions and answers. While you can get […]

  • Featured Job – Python Developer

    Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. It’s a general-purpose language which means it isn’t used for just one purpose such as Web Development, instead, it’s used in many different industries and the industry you choose to work will ultimately determine how you use the language. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in […]

  • 4 Important Things to Consider Before Your Next Tech Hire

    Hiring is one of the most important things you’ll do in business if you want to succeed. Finding people who will be engaged and committed to the work they do for your company will guarantee growth, and in today’s technology driven world, some of the most important roles require IT skills. Whether it’s a website […]

  • The Most Desired IT Jobs in 2018

    The Most Desired IT Jobs in 2018 Establishing a successful career path in the IT sector requires a lot of planning, especially in 2018. Because the industry is continually changing, growing and evolving, employees need to upgrade their skill set, be very flexible and adaptable. To meet the industries requirements, we bring you the top […]

  • Why your IT department is important

    Why your IT department is important. A program isn’t working, you’re locked out of your computer, a system needs to be updated… who are you going to call? IT! While fixing problems and getting machines up-to-date is one role of IT, the reality is that the IT department is often the unsung hero of the company. These are just […]

  • The best remote IT jobs

    The best remote IT jobs: Cloud solution architect Cloud solution architects frequently work in a consultative role, often as part of a project team that builds and implements cloud solutions for external clients. This usually involves regional travel for occasional meetings with a lot of teleworking between. Software engineer In large part due to the […]

  • About SAP and SAP Consultants

    SAP is the 4th largest software company in the world and is heavily involved in financials, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, etc. It stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. The company provides end solutions to enterprises. Software from this company is used by virtually every business out there. Needless to say, it’s a very […]

  • Ammonia Refrigeration

    Ammonia refrigeration has been the backbone of the cold storage industry for a long time now. Every fruit, vegetable, or meat you consume has probably been stored in an ammonia refrigeration facility before it reaches the shelves of the local store. Needless to say, this kind of refrigeration is very popular in the cold storage […]

  • 9 Common Hiring Mistakes

    Hiring Mistake #1: Going for the Easy Hire Look, hiring isn’t fun for anyone. And open positions can be a huge drain on your budget. So it makes sense that you want to make the process quick, and efficiency should absolutely be a goal! But taking the easy way out, hiring the first “good” candidate […]