Our Team

Trusted Experts

The Skiltrek team possesses over 30 years years of professional recruitment and technology experience. Every day, we work hard to build lasting relationships with business owners and desirable job candidates.

Diligent Workers

We understand that companies use employment agencies to gain industrious, competent personnel without the burdensome hiring process. Our staff strives to recruit qualified applicants and rigorously screen each person. We exclude unskilled candidates by thoroughly checking every reference.

Skiltrek recognizes that the best employee isn’t always the person with the longest resume. It is also vital to learn about an applicant’s character. We carefully interview each contender to find out if he or she has the right mentality, ethics and background to work at a specific firm.

Attentive Partners

We realize that every company or nonprofit organization has different personnel needs, even within a certain industry. That’s why our staff always takes the time to hear what clients have to say. Greater knowledge about a firm’s culture, methods and business plan can help us identify the perfect job candidate.

Skiltrek doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We customize our service for individual businesses and make a concerted effort to find employees who meet their specific needs. Our staff has the ability to locate professionals with the right qualifications to work in any high-tech industry.

Human Beings

We truly want to help IT workers find suitable companies that appreciate their talent and expertise. Skiltrek works hard to foster mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and technology professionals.