Job Searching Techniques You Should Be Doing Now!

Job Searching Tips for finding a job in Jacksonville FL

Are you looking for a job after having been unemployed for an extended amount of time? Are you just looking to relocate to a different or better paying job?

Some important reminders that will aide you in your search:

1. Keep your resume up to date and ready to upload to job postings on the internet.

2. Research companies related to your line of work via internet, newspaper, and yellow pages. Be prepared to mail your resume to those that interest you.

3. Attend job fairs with several copies of your resume, and be prepared to be interviewed on the spot.

4. Some states offer Civil Service exams in many specialties, if your location does, take one.

5. Many agencies (state and county), post job openings constantly on the internet, be sure to register with them to receive alerts whenever a match becomes available.

6. Network with people that are in your network. Former or current teachers, business owners etc. for possible leads.

7. Go to places that post job listings on bulletin boards, such as super markets and grocery stores.

8. Local government agencies often post job leads as well, visit them to find out.

9. Don’t hesitate to use the yellow pages to call jobs of interest as well.

10. Call former employees, they may have an opening in a different department that your qualified to work in.
11. Don’t be shy; knock on the doors of businesses that are related to your skills.

12. Update your skills. Take a class.

13. Attend Skills related workshops.

14. Let a staffing agency such as Skiltrek assist you.

15. The most important tip of all is to let the professionals at Skiltrek Staffing Agency help you to find what you are looking for.

Skiltrek Staffing Agency helps clients fit specified tasks to qualified candidates.

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