Ensuring IT staffing best practices? Include Social Media in your Recruiting Arsenal

Social media can change a candidate’s image! An unprotected tweet or a ‘public’ Facebook status might ruin a candidate’s chance of being hired! Today companies rely a lot on social media when recruiting. With almost every person using the social media, companies visit candidates’ social media accounts to know more about them and to judge if they are the perfect choice or not. Haven’t yet included this strategy in your recruitment process? Do it now! Why? Read on to know:

Quality Recruitment

Social media recruiting helps in selecting the best candidate for your company. You will be able to track passive candidates as well. Sometimes the best talent goes unnoticed, or the individual is lost and does not know how to build his career. Thanks to social media – you can now find the best talent! With social media accounts you can gauge the individual and his tweets and/or shares will help you in understanding his personality.

Low Costs

Obviously! It doesn’t cost a penny to recruit through social media! If you are working with a staffing agency already, you can find out more about the candidate without spending any amount through social media. Although staffing agencies provide the best candidates, but since you are the one who has to work with the individual, go on and gather more information about him!

Quick Recruitment Process

Just as much as this strategy is cost effective, it is quick and less time consuming. If the staffing company has suggested a candidate, you can speed up the recruitment process through social media. Additionally, you can suggest the staffing company to get this individual hired for you, provided he has the right set of skills and talent required for the job!

Knowing the Candidate

A lot of information about the personality of the individual, his practices and activities can be found out through social media. LinkedIn can also help in finding if the individual is the perfect choice or not! You can find out if the individual will fit in your organizational culture or not. If the candidate is sharing negative views about his current employer, you know that he is certainly not the right choice for you!

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