The Most Desired IT Jobs in 2018

The Most Desired IT Jobs in 2018

Establishing a successful career path in the IT sector requires a lot of planning, especially in 2018. Because the industry is continually changing, growing and evolving, employees need to upgrade their skill set, be very flexible and adaptable. To meet the industries requirements, we bring you the top 10 most desirable IT jobs in 2018.

1. Data Scientist

The 21st century is, in its essence, attempt to accumulate as much data as possible. It is no coincidence that data scientist is and will be the most desirable profession in the IT sector. Data scientists help organize and analyze the data, and various business from different industries turn to it staffing companies to provide them with data scientists. Why? Well, data scientist help companies analyze the past and plan the future.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

These engineers help machines learn without being preprogrammed to learn. In fact, they are teaching the machines how to learn. Because there is more and more data being accumulated in the world, the need for machine learning engineers grows too.

3. UX Designer

UX designers focus on user experience and their interaction with a specific product. These designers depend on customer feedback and then make the changes according to the customer input. They excel in today’s consumer-based environment because consumerism depends on positive user experience.

4. Analytics Manager

More and more companies hire analytics manager to control and organize accumulated data. Analytics managers then analyte the data, strategize, conduct research and delegate the particular tasks to their teams. Since companies are recognizing the potential of analytics, regarding higher efficiency and profit, analytics managers will surely be on everyone’s radar in 2018.

5. Software Architect

Software architects are the ones who plan the software, come up with the fundamental design, and also develop the software. Furthermore, they also handle potential crucial software revision. It is their job to ensure the functionality, applicability and the efficiency of the software, making sure it functions on existing platforms without any problems. Almost all it staffing companies are in dire need of software architects since their knowledge exceeds temporary needs and might come in handy in the future.

6. Security Analyst

Security tech analyst makes sure that the safety and the integrity of a company are on the best possible level. They are employed by almost any company that contains privilege and personal data, and in 2018, that’s nearly every company in the world. There is also the rising threat of cybercrime, and we will surely see more and more companies hiring security analyst to protect them from malicious attackers and security breaches.

7. Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are the ones that are familiar with all the stages of software development. They aren’t all wine and all-powerful but can strategize and turn a basic idea into a finished product. Full stack developers play an important role when it comes to customers, for they too need to ensure that the client’s needs are fully met.

8. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects design, organize and develop the network systems. Their importance is becoming apparent since almost all companies use some form of a network framework, such as clouds or intranets.


If you belong to any of these professions, you certainly don’t have to worry about getting a job or maintaining it. The IT sector is unquestionably booming, and slowly infiltrating every other industry. Almost every company today has a website, an app, users could, etc.

Be aware that these aren’t the only IT jobs with the bright future. Moreover, these professions will probably be relevant for the next decade because new technologies will emerge, and will require more and more IT professionals, whether they are software developers or data scientist.

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