The best remote IT jobs

The best remote IT jobs:

Cloud solution architect
Cloud solution architects frequently work in a consultative role, often as part of a project team that builds and implements cloud solutions for external clients. This usually involves regional travel for occasional meetings with a lot of teleworking between.

Software engineer
In large part due to the short supply and high demand for software engineers, many employers allow them to work 100 percent remote.

Data architect or scientist
The solitary nature of the role and limited supply of skills makes this a prime position for remote work.

Tech sales
Solutions executives and techies-turned-salespeople often have the ability to work from home between travel periods.

Web developer
Particularly if you don’t mind freelancing, there’s tons of opportunity to work from home as a web developer.
Other cool flexible and remote IT jobs spotted: Blockchain specialist and robotics software engineer.

InfoSec analyst
With the urgent need for qualified InfoSec analyst far outstripping the available supply, employers are casting a wide net.

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