9 Tips for Finding a Job in 2014

9 Tips for finding a job in 2014

Here at skiltrek.com, we believe that everyone has the perfect fit when it comes to finding a job. We believe that everyone has their own niche, our job is to help you find it. Below are some tips that we have compiled to help you find a job in 2014.

Understanding the job. We here at Skilltrek.com believe this is the key in job hunting. It’s a good idea to ask someone why they want to get a job at a certain place. Find out what makes the good at what they do. Observe them. Find out if the job is the right fit after all. Many times our clients want to go for a specific job, and yet, their characteristics and talents don’t line up properly for that job.

We work heavily with the EEOC. We want to make sure that our clients are not denied a job, based on some sort of discrimination. If this does happen, and it does from time to time, we have steps in place to remedy the situation.

The hiring process is essential. It’s about testing and seeing which candidate is the best fit. Never just rely on the conversation piece. That will only get you so far. We have to look at every single angle.

The best of the best. We want to make sure we give a client the right job. Knowing where the talent lies is essential, if you are going to land the right job.

Bad hires. A good tip is not to send in any bad apples. A high turnover rate reflects badly on us and the company that is looking to hire.

Don’t rely solely on the interview process. There is more to a good hire then interviewing and conversation.

A job analysis. This will provide an equal share of everything about the person. Strengths versus weaknesses, that sort of thing.

Matching the person to the job. We first need to know the demands of the business, before we know which hire will be best suited for the company.


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